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Where art & community meet.

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  • Professional development

  • Mentorship

  • Tools and resources for artists to support themselves financially

  • A network of creatives


  • Accessible, quality art education

  • Scholarships

  • An encouraging, supportive environment

Who We Serve

Image by Scott Webb


Click on class title to learn more or add it to your calendar!

Image by Scott Webb


Click on class title to learn more or add it to your calendar!


You can support the arts in (y)our community in any of the following ways:

Attend our affordable classes and events! We exist for, and because, of you. Engagement is crucial to our sustainability.

Volunteer! We love having help from our community members for classes and events.

Bring in arts-related books for our free library or art supplies for our communal art studio, or contribute monthly.

Give the gift of creativity! Gift certificates are available, redeemable for any class or event.

Spread the word! By passing our name along to others, you help us sustain our wealth of programming. Thank you!

Donate to our Art Start Fund! 100% of donations are directly returned to the community as scholarships and more.

"Had my first ceramics lesson. Really loved it. Casey is a great instructor: thorough, patient, polite, personable, and professional. Candy is very kind and puts her heart and soul into making this place excellent, inviting and calming. I basically go there for art therapy at this time after some grueling experiences in my personal life. I feel welcome. Boise does not currently have any other place like this."

Pamela A.

"Premiere center for art classes in Boise. BEST clay studio in Boise. An incredible and inclusive place where you can learn to do every type of art and be part of the community!"

Bruce B.

"I attended the figure drawing session last night for the first time and was happy to find a group of like-minded artists, not only that share a love for Art, but also many of whom I felt I could learn something from. It is always good to place yourself in an environment where you are not only supported, but also challenged. The session was run in a professional and disciplined manner. Moving to the Boise area 20 years ago, we felt like we had entered something of a cultural wasteland, and it is a great joy to discover a place like the CAT that proves that notion wrong."

Cliff & Rachael C.

"My daughter attends the kids class and she absolutely loves it. It’s a smaller class size and it’s perfect. Highly recommend!"

Mike P.

"Catalyst Arts Collaborative is a fantastic resource for Boise's art community. Currently I am drawing from a live model on Tuesday evenings. The models are very professional and the facility is accommodating."

Gabrielle A.

"Catalyst colab staff is amazing. They're always warm and inviting. I can bring any project to the table and they wants to see it come to life. I have told everyone I know, this is the place to go for art classes. If you are looking to get into art, want to exercise an old skill, or need a place to create this is the best art studio in Boise."
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