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Sculpting in Clay

What does it mean to be a CAMP Intern/Mentee?

Catalyst Artist Mentorship Program (CAMP) Mentees are individuals seeking to develop their skills with the support of an experienced artist in any medium within the Arts spectrum. 

We gather information about your experience and what you are hoping to achieve, then match you with a mentor artist who is best suited to help you meet your goals. You will have a chance to meet potential mentors at our Meet & Greet event in December, and you may specify any mentors on your application as a special request, which we will take into consideration when choosing your mentor.

Mentees will dedicate 60 hours to the program as they work with their mentor, based on a plan they develop together at our "Meet Your Mentor" orientation luncheon. Schedules can be modified to the mentor/mentee needs, leaving flexibility for a long-term shorter time commitment each week or a 2+ week intensive working more hours each week.


Mentees do not have to be enrolled in college to participate, though some may choose to complete a mentorship for college credit.

The Process

What to expect from a

CAMP mentorship

  1. The first step is filling out our Catalyst Mentee Application. This gives us the information we need to pair you with a mentor that will meet your learning goals.

  2. Join us for a Meet & Greet event at The Gem Center for the Arts in December. Here you will have the chance to network with artists in our community and see if there is anyone specifically you would like to work with, which you can add to your application before or after submitting.

  3. CAMP committee members will review applications and pair mentees with the best mentor, depending on their individual goals and expectations.

  4. Mentees and Mentors will come to our "Meet Your Mentor" event in January to set goals and develop a plan.

  5. Mentorship begins! You'll follow the plan set with your mentor and create work throughout the 3-month mentorship. Mid-way through, CAMP team members will check in on your progress and offer support, if needed.

  6. Your work will be part of our annual CAMP Exhibition at The Gem Center for the Arts. Your mentor will have the chance to share a bit of their work, and you will have the opportunity to discuss your experience and growth during the mentorship.

  7. You'll complete an exit feedback form to help us improve the program each year.

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