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Prizes for You =
Scholarships for Others

Our Art Start Fund provides scholarships for many people each year who otherwise would not be able to participate in our classes, summer camps, and field trips. This raffle will serve as our only fundraiser for 2023, made possible by our many generous partners and supporters in Boise and beyond.

Take a peek at our prize packs and purchase tickets for the specific raffle prize you'd like to win! Many of our items will make great gifts for others, and perhaps you'll find a little something to make you smile. :)

Tickets are available for as little as $5 for a single ticket, or as low as $2.50 each when you purchase them in bulk. 100% of proceeds support the Cat and our mission to serve (y)our community. We're also spreading the love this year by donating a portion to Simply Cats!


We believe the Arts should be accessible to ALL.

​All races & ethnicities

All income levels

All religions

All countries of origin

All gender identities

All sexual orientations

All abilities & disabilities

All spoken languages

All ages


We've created the Art Start Fund for this very reason. Thanks to generous donors and year-round fundraising efforts, we are able to offer scholarships to children and adults who otherwise could not attend classes at Catalyst Arts Collaborative.

To request a scholarship for a particular class, simply fill out an application and we will get back with you with our current  funding availability.

Want to support others with a donation to our Art Start Fund?

Image by J. Balla Photography
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