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Creative Meeting

What does it mean to be a CAMP Mentor?

Catalyst Artist Mentorship Program (CAMP) Mentors are individuals with substantial experience in any field within the Arts who are dedicated to helping emerging artists develop and master skills and gain knowledge.

Mentors submit an application, attend a meet and greet event, and are then paired with mentee applicants who match with the skill set offered by each mentor. Paired mentors and interns meet in January to develop a plan of action, then the mentor meets with their intern periodically throughout the mentorship period for an average of 1 hour per week. Mentorships can be facilitated in person or online, allowing partnerships across the globe.

The Process

What to expect from a

CAMP mentorship

  1. The first step is filling out our Catalyst Mentor Application. This gives us the information we need to pair you with a mentee that wants to learn more about your field of expertise.

  2. A representative from Catalyst will Interview you to learn more about your process, expectations, and how you will engage your mentee.

  3. Join us for a Meet & Greet event at The Gem Center for the Arts. At the Meet & Greet you will have the chance to network with artists in our community and see if there is anyone specifically you would like to work with. 

  4. CAMP committee members will pair interns with the best-fitting mentor and announce the pairings via email.

  5. Paired mentors and interns will meet at our "Meet Your Mentor" luncheon and orientation, where you'll create a plan together that works for your schedules and outlines the goal(s) of the mentorship.

  6. Mentorship begins! You will share your knowledge, provide insight and feedback, and help an artist grow. We will check in on all mentors and mentees mid-way through the program and offer support, if needed.

  7. Participate in our annual CAMP Exhibition, where we showcase your work at The Gem Center for the Arts, alongside the work of your intern. This exhibit will highlight the change in your intern's work over the course of the mentorship.

  8. Submit an exit feedback and reflection to help us identify ways to better the program.

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