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  • Where is Catalyst Arts Collaborative?
    The "Cat" is located on the far East side of the basement of the Gem Center for the Arts at 2417 W. Bank Dr. in Boise, Idaho. Simply follow the turquoise arrows in the basement to locate the classroom. You can also find us by walking down the East stairwell on the outside of the building, and we will be the first door on the right as you enter.
  • How can I get involved with Catalyst as an organization or an individual?
    Simply contact us via email at to introduce yourself. We are always happy to connect with more artists and organizations. We have many programs, so there's sure to be something for us to work on together!
  • How do I teach classes at Catalyst Arts Collaborative?
    We welcome teachers in a wide range of Arts-related classes, workshops, lecture, and events, and we love catering to all experience levels with classes that are approachable to everyone. You can start by simply reaching out to us via email ( with an introduction of yourself and what you are passionate about teaching. We prefer not to "box you in" and encourage our teachers to create a class that will work best for their schedule and needs. We are also happy to train those who have never taught a class before to better prepare them to provide a professional, quality experience. Our classes are not limited to art and writing. Tell us what you'd like to offer the community and we will be happy to discuss possibilities with you.
  • How can I request a scholarship for myself or my child?
    Scholarships are available year-round, for any class, dependent on current funding to our Art Start Fund. To request a scholarship for yourself or your child, simply contact us with an introduction and let us know what class you are interested in. We will contact you with scholarship availability and proceed from there.
  • I'm a business owner looking to add a mural to my space. How does this work?
    Our mission is to bring more Arts to our community by providing murals on the outside of buildings, fences, and other structures, where they will be viewed by the public. Murals reduce grafitti, share positive messages with (y)our cummunity, and add interest to your business, drawing people in. Business owners, please reach out to us via email at to share your site and hopes with us. You must own the building/fence/structure, or have written permission from the owner before we will consider creating a mural for you. Once your site is approved, our "Beautify Boise" team will design an orignal mural for your space. The design will be shared with you for input, then we will work to create the finished product. After we've painted it, we'll celebrate by inviting the public to see the new masterpiece! The whole process can take anywhere between two months to a year, depending on the size of the mural, our current funding status, and pending requests. We also enjoy partnering with local schools to involve students in the mural-making process. We provide this service at a significantly reduced rate. Handpainted murals can easily cost thousands of dollars. Business owners are asked to contribute a minimum of $500 to help with the cost of supplies and to help pay our artists for the skill and expertise. Larger murals may have a higher minimum contribution amount. The remaining funds are supplied by our Art Start Fund with donations from our sponsors and community members. (Thank you!)
  • Is Catalyst Arts Collaborative a non-profit organization?
    The simple answer is no, Catalyst Arts Collaborative is run as an LLC, however, we are not funded by a wealthy business person. In the past, our programs were run as a non-profit, and we found that we were able to accomplish more, and more quickly, as an LLC. Our goal is not in making money like most businesses, but rather to provide affordable, sustainable educational programming, along with many other programs, throughout the Treasure Valley. We achieve this by paying our teachers and artists for classes, even when the class is offered free to the public, and by supplementing our programs with sponsorships from individuals and organizations. Catalyst exists for, and because, of you. Our Art Start Fund is a clear example of this. 100% of all funds received from sponsorships are put into our programs to supply scholarships for students of all ages, to pay teachers for outreach classes, to provide professional development for teachers in our local schools, to purchase supplies for our classes, and to support our "Beautify Boise" city-wide mural program. We are currently in the process of obtaining our 501c3 status for the Art Start Fund, as a separate entity.
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