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Image by Pietro Christovam

Community Kindness Project
A free city-wide scavenger hunt for original prints created by the community on the theme "kindness."

Over the summer, Catalyst invited the community to learn the art of printmaking and make a print, representing their idea surrounding the theme "kindness." Twenty-four images were created, each made three times, for a total of 72 images hidden throughout Boise's neighborhoods. Our public vote resulted in four winning designs, which will be the basis of our T-shirt design  commemorating the project and encouraging kindness in our city, long after the artwork is gone.

Join us for our scavenger hunt release party on Saturday, September 24 from 1-3pm at the Gem Center for the Arts, then set loose on the city to find as many prints as you can on our turquoise banners. The first 50 people to find 10 different designs and post photos of each one on Instagram with #communitykindnessprojectboise will win a free T-shirt! Shirts can also be purchased on our website, with all proceeds to benefit our Art Start Fund. This fund makes community projects like this possible, provides scholarships and low-cost classes and creates opportunities for working artists that otherwise would not exist.

We plan to continue this project every summer, so be sure to watch for the call to make your own print next year!

Congratulations to our four winners this year, also receiving a free T-shirt!

Jess W, Sarah L, Angie C, & Emma G!

Support our community projects by purchasing a T-shirt!

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

Pre-order your shirt to help us spread the kindness long after our project ends!

Available in white or turquoise, adult and youth sizes!

Check out all of the designs you'll be looking for in your search!

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